Daily Archives: February 5, 2009

GMAC to Recruit More Military Vets for Business School

The Graduate Management Admission Council has partnered with the Army Reserve to attract Army Reserve officers and senior enlisted soldiers to business school. Given President Obama’s stated goal of bringing home all of the 140,000 US combat troops from Iraq in the next 16 months, there could be thousands of military vets streaming through business schools in the next few years.

“We are excited and honored to join with the U.S. Army Reserve in this effort,” said David A. Wilson, GMAC’s president, in a press release. “Education can change someone’s life. No one deserves that opportunity more than those who serve our country. Moreover, officers and other leaders are among the very best candidates for business school. Their experience in managing resources and developing strategy enrich the dialogue in the classroom, a cornerstone of the MBA program. Their discipline prepares them well for the rigors of the program and for management upon graduation.”

The program, which has been referred to as “Operation MBA,” will give soldiers access to unique information and tools to help them prepare for the GMAT and the MBA admissions process. They will also have access to a list of schools that have agreed to waive the admissions fee for military personnel, make financial aid available, or grant deferments based on soldier’s service commitments.

If you are in the military and are considering business school, know that schools love the kind of experience and leadership you can bring to the classroom. As we write in Your MBA Game Plan, business schools are hungry for applicants with this kind of background!